What is the difference between marketing and public relations?

What is public relations? How is it different from marketing? Many of our clients come to us because they need help navigating options to get the word out about their brand, restaurant, chef or business. But why PR?

Think of it this way…

PR is earned media. Marketing is paid media.

A public relations firm will work with you to tell your story. We secure articles without payment to the publication. We seek out the outlets that will best help your business, work with you to structure your message, contact the writer most suited to write the story and coordinate anything needed until your name is in print. Nothing is guaranteed or paid for, but the end result is much more valuable.

An ad is a ad – that’s marketing. You paid money for your assets to be published somewhere. Think about when you flip through a magazine. You’ll see hundreds of ads and sponsored content, but do you read it? You read a magazine for the articles because you trust the writers and editors to write things that appeal to you and your passions. At Estes Public Relations, we talk directly to those journalists to convince them that your spirits brand, new restaurant, luxury hotel or anything else is worth covering. Because we’ve worked with them many times before, they listen. All of our clients have interesting stories worth telling. It may take more time than buying an ad, but we make sure those stories are told.

We take this same approach when it comes to other types of media. Targeted pitching, media savvy and follow-through are what makes for good public relations. Mass press releases, blanket pitches and poorly-conceived press conferences will get you nowhere in this over-saturated market. We help you get where you need to go.