Restaurant Hospitality

restaurant hospitality

Restaurant Hospitality is dying to try Futo Buta – the hippest new ramen spot in the South!

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Yahoo! Food

Yahoo Food

Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails

Opening: April
Opening next to the Detroit Institute of Arts in Midtown, Chartreuse will have rustic farmhouse elements and floral-themed décor including a living moss wall. Expect to see plants (seasonal botanical ingredients) on a short eight-drink menu, plus a big selection of vintage Chartreuse (you knew that was coming) dating back to the 1940s. Kaytee Querro (the same person who runs the Oakland Art Novelty Company) will lead the bar program, which also features a deep list of Amari by the glass.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

Make Your Own Hooch at Moonshine University

In Louisville, Ky., everyone from casual enthusiasts to aspiring Jim Beams can learn the art and science of distilling

MOONSHINE UNIVERSITY in Louisville, Ky., is a lot like its name: equal parts illicit pleasure and rigorous study. Take a class on bourbon history, and you’ll spend some time examining a working still. Sign up for a bourbon making workshop, and you’ll not only operate the still, but also mill the grain that goes into it and fire up the cooker where the grain’s starches are converted to fermentable sugars. Either way, you’ll taste plenty of whiskey, and you’ll understand what you’re drinking better than you ever could by reading a book or sitting through…(continue reading).



New spirits from Copper & Kings were featured by BevNet.

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Jackson Free Press

Best of Jackson - Jan. 2015

Saltine restaurant in Jackson, Miss. was chosen as Best Seafood and Best New Bar by Jackson Free Press in January 2015.

WDRB in the Morning

WDRB reporter Keith Kaiser spent the morning at The Bakery at Sullivan University learning to make King Cakes with pastry chef Robin Richardson.

The New York Times

The New York Times

To Sear: Reeling in the Catch, With No Bait Needed

Pristine fish at your door within a day of harvest is fairly routine for chefs but a dream for most home cooks. Honolulu Fish began making its Pacific catch available to nonprofessionals through its website 10 years ago. At that time, the portions were too large for many home cooks, and consumers were not as accustomed to ordering perishables online, so the service was discontinued. Now, the owner, Wayne Samiere, a marine biologist, has revived and updated his retail website, which offers fillets or steaks of wild-caught fish like opah (moonfish), monchong (a deepwater pomfret) or mahi-mahi…(continue reading).



Saveur August 2013

The familiar, hearty fare at Rye KC in Leawood, Kansas is refined enough to be worthy of cloth napkins

Give the people what they want, thought Colby and Megan Garrelts when they opened Rye KC last winter in Leawood, Kansas. Being native Midwesterners themselves, the couple knew exactly what that meant: familiar, hearty fare in comfortable surroundings; a restaurant where friends, family, and co-workers could gather on school nights and …(continue reading).

James Beard Awards

James Beard Award

The James Beard Foundation awarded chef Colby Garrelts with the Best Chef Midwest Award in 2014.