5 tips for a better press conference

Grand opening press conference at Copper & Kings distillery

Inviting the media to your business for a major announcement is a big step. Television stations and newspapers get invited to many press conference and media roundups each day – so why should they go to yours?

How to get noticed:

1. Pick the right time. Most media outlets have a morning and afternoon meeting. Don’t schedule during one of those times. Try somewhere in between.

2. Watch the news. Make sure nothing big is happening that day. If the mayor is launching a new initiative or a large event is going on, they’ll go there first. Weather and sporting event conflicts often take away the media who may attend.

3.  Do something fun! No one wants to see you stand in front of a podium and talk. You’ll get more air time and turn my attention your way if you incorporate something interesting. Launching a spirits brand? Have the mayor sign a barrelhead and have a toast. Opening a new restaurant? Offer samples or a chef demo.  The more engaging visuals, the better.

4. Don’t forget to follow up. Don’t just send a media alert and hope they show up. Call an hour before and ask, nicely, if they have it on their plan for the day. A friendly push can make the difference.

5. Do the work for them. So they didn’t show up or you didn’t get as much air time as you’d hoped. Take photos during the event and send them out to anyone who couldn’t attend. Invite them back the next day for a one-on-one interview. Add some value and try to build on the press you did get!