“As a small startup American Brandy distillery in the heart of Bourbon Country the Estes team managed to help Copper & Kings become one of the most talked about craft spirits in America. Not for one week or one month, but for years. They became part of our company — representing us to the world, and to their friends and families. With media relations being our central marketing tool, Estes executed, and executed and executed — they got people talking about us, not them.”

Joe Heron
Founder and Owner
Copper & Kings American Brandy Company

“Jamie Estes and her team are a great addition to any restaurant or person in the hospitality industry who wants to gain local and national media coverage to expand and strengthen their brand. With Jamie’s direction we have seen our restaurant coverage grow in so many ways across the country.”

Colby & Megan Garrelts
Chefs/Co-owners, bluestem
Kansas City, MO

“In the beginning of my career I worked with Jamie Estes. It honestly set a benchmark for how I work with any PR company. The professionalism, the responsiveness, and care that goes into each client is pretty amazing. I remember her and her team investing so much time and effort into making sure that I felt personally focused on. I would recommend her over and over again for any of your PR needs.”

Kwame Onwuachi
Chef and Author
Washington, DC

“Jamie Estes is an asset to anyone hoping to make an impact in the restaurant and hospitality industry. She can help create, manage and maintain a public image for you or your product and executes her well designed plans in a friendly. approachable and savvy manner.”

Rick Tramonto
Founder and Past Chef TRU
Chicago, Illinois

“Jamie Estes knows how to create serious buzz about restaurants and chefs because she understands how the industry works. She generates terrific ideas, and excels at incorporating ours. We value her ability to follow through, keep us focused and get the word out.”

Michael Bonadies
Past Partner, Myriad Restaurant Group
New York, New York

“I have worked with Jamie Estes on many occasions, all of them exhibiting her own personal sense of taste and standards, which are very high indeed. When Jamie calls, I listen, and am always eager to visit a place she works with.”

John Mariani
Esquire Magazine
New York, New York