Consumer Product Tips & Tricks

From fresh, mail-order Hawaiian seafood to female-owned, pre-Prohibition-style cocktail syrups, to bespoke fragrances from whiskey, we get to work with (and eat & drink & smell) some pretty cool products. Although representing consumer packaged goods has its perks, how do we push them past the thousands of other products available?


It’s not about how many people you know or how many products are out there. It’s about knowing the right people and connecting them with the right product. At Estes Public Relations, not only do we make it our business to build relationships with media that are relevant to our client’s brands, but we also only represent products that we personally believe in. Finding the right person to share your unique story is going to be the difference between you and the product on the shelf next to you.

How? First, find out who you are and run with it. Live it, eat it, breathe it. Next, align your core values with the person who is selling your product and/or telling your story. Putting yourself top of mind allows others to put you top of mind, as well.


Sure, you have the ripest strawberries in town…but…winter is coming. Planning and knowing when and how to pivot are going to save you time and money. At Estes Public Relations, we work even harder during those off seasons to organize and strategize so we can maximize your brand when the timing is right.

How? Dot your i’s and cross your t’s — literally. Update and finetune your product shots, brand messaging, and strategic partnerships. Look for ways to leverage your brand in the “off season” — whatever that may mean for you — by planning ahead.

We’re able to draw on our experience working with CPGs across a range of industries to help you define your story and get your product in the right hands. EPR can help you develop a strategic plan for publicizing your product — and we can’t wait to hear what you’ve created!