Festivals & Events Promotion

Events have an energy all their own — but they also require a lot of organization and planning! From conferences to festivals to fundraisers, Estes Public Relations has worked with clients to promote and execute a wide range of events. With so many moving parts, it can be tough to prioritize marketing and promotion — but getting the word out about your event is critical for attracting attendees.

EPR utilizes our extensive experience and media relationships to secure earned media placements to promote events. Media outlets often share events with their audiences — ranging from calendar listings, feature pieces, podcast episodes or television segments. By mixing content types, platforms and publication/air dates, you can reach a wider range of potential attendees.

Event Checklist:

Your event promotion checklist should include:

  • Having up-to-date website and social media pages with key information easy to find.
  • Setting future dates far in advance.
  • Identifying the demographics, psychographics and geographic locations of your target audience.
  • Determining the best methods and media to reach those audiences.
  • Creating a timeline for promotions Keeping a constant flow of updates going to the public and the media.

We’ve worked with events like the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America, KMAC Couture, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, Bourbon Women Association’s SIPosium and others. And, of course, dinners, tastings and other special events hosted by restaurants, distilleries and hotels.

EPR’s experience allows us to support our clients wherever they need us, from full-scale planning and execution to on-site social media and media relations support. We also help develop influencer campaigns and coordinate media comp programs. If you’re planning an event, we’d love to work with you!