Launching Spirits Products

Headquartered in the heart of the Bluegrass, EPR knows bourbon — but we don’t stop there. Our experience launching new spirits products spans the spectrum, including gin, brandy, liqueurs, ryes, single malts, rums and more. We love working with distilleries on bringing their latest releases to the market and helping them stand out in a crowded market.

One thing we’ve seen evolve since some of our early spirits projects is the number of spirits reviewers and influencers. There are so many opportunities to share your products — but how do you determine the right ones? And how do you get your products to those people once you’ve identified them? We maintain a robust database of hundreds of sprits journalists and content creators that we are constantly updating and refining, along with information about what spirits they focus on and if they are interested in samples.

Crafting and distributing an announcement and coordinating samples is a cornerstone to getting the news out about a new product — but with EPR, your launch doesn’t stop with a press release, either. We can help you plan and execute a launch event highlighting your product line. For a blended bourbon collaboration with a Japanese master distiller, we hosted media at an activation serving Kentucky-meets-Japanese bites, a cocktail with plum syrup, furoshiki-wrapped takeaways, and origami-folded press releases (in the shape of the brand’s mascot).

Another option to consider are media tasting events or one-on-one meetings. Small group events work great in markets where several media live nearby and can meet a distiller or blender to try the product and hear about it in-person. We can help identify the location and guest list, coordinate RSVPs, and be on-site to facilitate.

If you have a new spirits product you’re bringing to the market, let Estes Public Relations help you plan and execute your launch — from when you should announce to pulling from our extensive database of media and influencer shipping addresses. We can also provide insight into events, festivals and award competitions to help attract additional attention.